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– Beginner dance class to introduce young dancers to the basics of tap and ballet with simple movements to develop body awareness and coordination.


– Includes basic to advanced ballet instruction that helps dancers develop and master skills in positions, turns, leaps, body control, and understanding the music. 

Tap Dancing

– Helps develop rhythm, coordination, and the ability to think and act quickly.


– Is energetic and fun and consists of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps, and quick turns.

Hip Hop

– Is a popular form of dancing that teaches hip hop choreography. Students identify with the music and enjoy this high energy and fast paced class.


– Includes training in balance, strength, flexibility, and muscle control along with coordination and tumbling skills. Proper technique is taught to avoid injury. Various tumbling skills are taught from beginner to advanced levels. Tumbling mats are used in all classes.

Core/Stretch & Tone

– Increases core strength, stretching ability and muscle tone to enhance dance capabilities.


A dance technique that combines elements of ballet, jazz & contemporary to express the lyrics of a song. This technique uses the lyrics of a song to help portray feelings & emotions. 

Musical Theatre

A type of dance that combines ballet, jazz & tap.  Dancers express themselves as actors on stage by using musical interpretation.